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Increase the price is not the only way to increase your revenues.

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Let us analyze your business process...

We love to work side by side with our customers to redefine priorities and improve the business process.
During the years we have found that many organizations do not change their internal operation. Often, it is because they do believe the process is stable, well known and efficient.
What we do is to focus on the process itself to find out wastes and incidental activities.
A typical process is described as following:

, do not generate value (inefficiency embedded in the organizational model such as waits, deliver, process, inventory, mistakes…)
are necessary but do not generate value (collect paperwork, find contract, share internally paperwork…)

The overall process therefore can be designed as following:

The dogma (the only way to do the job) can be overcome by designing efficient and effective internal operations based on IT automation and Lean best practices. This approach allows an improvement of the performances, a faster process flow and reduction of wastes.

The result of the optimization is an overall benefit for the organization's performance and the final revenue.

By assuming an average net profit of 20%, the benefit of the optimization can be described as the following:

We can reach this goal by analyzing your internal processes, type of IT systems in use and the flow of information.
We can merge the Lean Six Sigma statistic methodology, the Lean best practice and the Information technology to speed up your process, simplify the flow of information and document management.

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